The Great Cold Anna Langova
Anna Langova

snowflakes fall

trees are adorned with white

the great cold is here


snowflakes fall

each an answer to a prayer

God’s response


trees are adorned with white

lacing the forest

birds search harder


the great cold is here

drink hot cocoa to stay warm

bears hibernate


© Carol Campbell 2016

Logo CD January 2016
Carpe Diem Haiku Kai January

“In nature (especially on the Northern Hemisphere) January is the coldest month of winter and in Japan they have nuanced it. In Japan you have Daikan (great cold) and Shoukan (less cold).

In Japan there are a lot nuances in winter and I love to share their ideas here with you. Shoukan(less cold) fall on the 15th day after Touji(winter solstice). It is on about January the 6th. Kan(cold season) continues from Shoukan to the day before of Risshun(the first day of spring). So they (the Japanese) refer to the period of these 30 days as Kan-no-uchi(midwinter) from Kan-no-iri(beginning of midwinter) to Kan-ake(the end of cold season). Daikan(great cold) is on the 15th day, around January 20th after Shoukan. It is by far the coldest through the year. It is wrong to refer to these 15 days between Shoukan and Daikan as Shoukan. Either Shoukan or Daikan shows only one day of the twenty four designated seasonal days.

As you can read above today (as I am creating this episode) it’s daikan (great cold) and it points towards the coldest moment of winter and that’s around this date. So there is not much to tell about “daikan”. Let’s go create haiku …

I found a nice haiku in which this classical kigo is used:

daikan no heso utsukushiku shoo kannon

the beautiful navel
of this Sacred Kannon
in the great cold

© Oishi Toyoko”~Chevrefeuille

❤ ❤ ❤



Published by: writersdream9

I have been writing all my life but for the most part, it has been a secret. My parents did not believe writing was a good way to earn money so I hid my poems. Then one day, I wanted to comment on an essay that a friend had written and found myself with a blog. That quiet whisper inside said, "You can write your poetry and no one will ever know.". I knew nothing of followers and the like at that time. So, here I am trying to learn my craft and enjoying every moment of it. My personal details are, I'm 57, married for 39 years, have one grown son who is God's gift to us and last but not least at all, I'm a Baha'i which basically means that I love all humanity.

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17 thoughts on “Brrrr~Haiku”

  1. that looks like wet snow. I’d hate to get caught out in it, especially if I had to do something. I’d sooner stay inside and have some warm cocoa, or coffee or tea – something warm.

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