Hunger Tanka

on my city’s street 

I see the hungry everywhere 

they help each other 

I learn from them and help too

they are my true yogis


© Carol Campbell

Carpe Diem February 2016 Senses
Carpe Diem February 2016

“Your haiku today does not need to be about the sense of hunger, but it should show empathy, which is another way of being at one with your topic or theme.”~Hamish
“My response

Hm … how to catch this in a haiku or tanka? Not an easy task, but here is my tanka, I think tanka is the best poetry form for this theme:

a homeless man
seeking for food
in the garbage
I invite him for dinner
sharing my meal

© Chèvrefeuille”

❤ ❤ ❤




Published by: writersdream9

I have been writing all my life but for the most part, it has been a secret. My parents did not believe writing was a good way to earn money so I hid my poems. Then one day, I wanted to comment on an essay that a friend had written and found myself with a blog. That quiet whisper inside said, "You can write your poetry and no one will ever know.". I knew nothing of followers and the like at that time. So, here I am trying to learn my craft and enjoying every moment of it. My personal details are, I'm 57, married for 39 years, have one grown son who is God's gift to us and last but not least at all, I'm a Baha'i which basically means that I love all humanity.

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26 thoughts on “Hunger Tanka”

  1. a famous yogi responded to the question, how can one get closer to god. he said make a list of all the things you call “mine”. he motioned with outstretched arms, “if your list is this big, you are this far from god.” then he held his thumb and forefinger together real close, ” if your list is this big, you are this far from god.” The simple and direct wisdom of a master teacher, a fellow poor one on the path home back to Source.

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  2. i’m going last here on purpose 😀 I’ve heard this and i know my actions down to the thoughtset shows this but do we really do a homeless person garbage surfing any favors by sharing a meal with them. we’ve taken away one more silver stitch of self-reliancce proven by mere survival that i could. we’ve not necessarily honoured him in any way as in elevated him/her by sharing not that sharing is evil rude or anything nor is helping or caring lol this isn’t the point it is do we truthfully always bring the blessing…and hardheaded as this sounds the very smallest day a homeless soul lives by their hand they’re free and poweful ..let’s be fair, most of us are like take a bath shine up and respecdt yourself enough to say macdonald’s it it’s A job wherein one is treated poorly only to come out praying one can share….reputable people required to share now lol a place… I’m not saying the western paradigm is wrong just that at it’s heart even the lowest soul to us has a strong sense of pride and proof of it we couldn’t easily shake, a set of eye to the value of position whether it’s better one way or another which I’m hinting fairly strongly that it’s not necessily a question most will always let it be just our way. of course this doesn’t weigh in upon mental illness causing lesser decisions and or a lack of letting one’s personal vices of a disliked nature remain tactfully hardly guessable which can lead to jobs and lives tumbling from heavens to “hell” when as i say it seems that way but god leaves blessings all over the place and the ability to survive when no one cares by the strength and ingenuity of my two hands with all the pride of human value not pity from religeo/crackpots… woo! 😉

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    1. I agree actually. I think that the way to solve this issues, all of them is not charity. It is radical change in systems that won’t allow this to happen. in order to do that, however, compassion levels must be raised to the point where we won’t tolerate our brothers living like that. As always. I appreciate your direct and honest comments!


      1. in a way this hits as something guru out there- the power of ego. for with it- a homeless person can snub one’s charity as disrespectful to who they are refuse easy …what easy work rarely is just that easy…but doable yes 🙂 because it doesn’t match the station of their pride even if they’d garbage surf for supper. this is ego pure and simple. I wont be so foolish to say everyone is within this model of obsservation and no times help isn’t appreciated…not true. help is appreciated and the poor will always be with us a christian saying I believe attributable to jesus…not having a bible scholarship moment e especially since not everyone is of that model faith. but I’d be careful in my days now to if i wish to share that smile- appreciate that man say I wont lie i want money and i want wine. made me laugh- not sure if he was honest but here’s something odd.. 2 weeks later on my way back through that washington d.c. from norfolk virginia visiting a navy buddy/family there, this gent remembered me and asked after me of course self servingly! but i was absolutely stunned as no one likely would have remember me…. I have of course a picture for auras sake up somewhere newer and you’ll see I’m not without a set of style uniquely visible.. I’llperhaps always stand out. but such is why i’d later share something on moral questioning…it seems important that often the heart of the problem isn’t attitudes so much or circumstances but genuinely helping a person elevating them all through any challenge or comfort them alongside it much of the actions with this meaning still meet resistance but who can deny the power of god through it? anyone but shhh, miricals aren’t always miracles to others… it’s a free choice life 😀

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      2. lol… I wondered when that silly saying would arise… here’s another not so very silly 😉 stone soup. let these pioneers of our brightest hopes tested in the darkest of times- that ingenuity is prized, so isindustry. you read that old folk tail stone soup? wikipedia has a nice article on it with the variations by regions.

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      3. 😉 then i have a bit of a challenge for you 😀 as you say teacha man to fish… oh alright 😀 mom always told me of filing and the importance of papers.I’m able as in schooled and experiences in filing via work duties… i’m not so together at home. I thus have had lazy moments. want it easier in life? surely you’d remember where it is and will be because the lines are no shorter now and the guard and the agents don’t care about whether you need their paper to get the paper you need for them don’t have what they need? try again….careful it will be noted the scene you caused for your entire life. if you put them in a plastic bag to avoid water damage from errant spills and where they look like important papers…better as otherwise your bag of important papers will be tossed with your passport as trash I didn’t know!! and you will be 300 and 3 months getting them again when you can least afford the next bill. so preverbial young man, keep those papers.. you need an id to get the work check cashed , you need the i.d. and work number/social security card to gain a job…. cash jobs reallly only pay you less and abridge your rights. but to get the i.d. you prove citizenship with birth certificate or some other paper. these look like trash and take months to get and without you wait til they’re gotten or lose til you get them. if you know how to charm money out of others without these things good for you but more than likely you’re not in line for government aid but for prison as such charm is usually employed illegally. if you complain the worlds so unfair you didn’t do your part with the papers, do not expect a lot of help for long it’s just not there….for most. and when the papers are in place? remember it’s not fair but all it takes is one accusing of fraud and you’ll spend months in process defending another’s word as your word is proof nevermind that its unconstitutional to prove thyself innocent, just nevermind you will or you will suffer til you do, wait too long and you’ll start allllll over. also i know by law one has til april fifteenth in the usa to file taxes but if one’s on the system of aid and did find some work… you’ll proove your work long before the fifteenth of april like the opening of march and you’ll have 14 days meaning drop everything and do it…why? it’s 2 years waiting to be reapproved and unsuspended…2 years broke as an adult is worse than a death sentence seemingly socially…and they’lll not lump sum you they’ll break it up over months thus you’ll think the rules are ironclad but you’ll have to follow them well but not blindly or you’ll pour your backpayment into other’s dreams of the hot second with your means not your own….and these opportunities do not come often so prepare for how to sneak a little yes but do it as you could own your home now not renting forever seemingly. the importance of papers is obvious… keep them. read them know them guard safe them and you’ll produce far fewer of them!
        now ma’am how’s about a stone soup retelling? the homeless man with stone in hand not begging your last dollar for his bottle versus your lunch… tell me of stone soup where it’s not charity it’s work and ingenuity. I’ve papercuts for you as otherwise I’d be teaching one to come up with a reason to gain aid, I came by mine by birth it’s not artiface.

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