ESP Haiku

the tree stands tall

reaches out to the blue sky

I know it seeks the sun


© Carol Campbell

Carpe Diem February 2016 Senses
Carpe Diem February 2016

In Hamish’s words:

ESP itself is neither scientific nor unscientific — but it can be studied scientifically or unscientifically, and scientific studies. Those who ignore the evidence and insist that ESP is a real, natural phenomenon fail to meet one of the key aspects of scientific behavior: assimilating the evidence. But maybe these people are looking from the wrong direction, that of Common Sense, which although relies on facts and logical outcomes, misses much for many of the same reasons. Would it not be better to look at the prism of ESP with an open mind, given what we already know about the senses in nature?

So now, your hardest haiku yet, an ESP haiku! Focus on Carpe Diem. What kind of haiku do you think Carpe Diem Haiku Kai would like from you? Write it.

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I have been writing all my life but for the most part, it has been a secret. My parents did not believe writing was a good way to earn money so I hid my poems. Then one day, I wanted to comment on an essay that a friend had written and found myself with a blog. That quiet whisper inside said, "You can write your poetry and no one will ever know.". I knew nothing of followers and the like at that time. So, here I am trying to learn my craft and enjoying every moment of it. My personal details are, I'm 57, married for 39 years, have one grown son who is God's gift to us and last but not least at all, I'm a Baha'i which basically means that I love all humanity.

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15 thoughts on “ESP Haiku”

  1. I wouldn’t use an “I know” for some reason when trying to hnt at ESP – for my tastes, it clouds the point even if it’s supposed to more correctly MAKE the point. rank opinion. my logic or lack there of is ESP is more of an epiphany of understanding beyond the senses, I know in this context seems to me to imply you’ve a logic to your statement based more upon evidence.
    the dog let out no sound – she sits motionles on the floor- her friend hasn’t left us yet. – to some it’sknowing deeply whats at play and despite some more appreciable evidence of knowing that even dogs have friends and seem to know the outcome or presuppose it in their way- such would be like ESP but to some it’d be just catching on “quick” but for others it’d be knowing a sister or lover so well to know their thoughts but the laughter of finding out in that deja vu way that you somehow knew all along it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. or just sisterly or brotherliness in play. such is how I came to understand what people mean by ESP. which in a way isn’t ESP at all but still shockingly surprising. for others it’s not being a criminal ever and yet knowing that someone ‘ll do and not feeling it’s a gamble doing something intuitively against expected proceedurals… to them that’s ESP or to never have met someone/s and without seeing them describe through a brick wall what they’re doing just because you “feel: it to them that’s esp. to know pschically whats in play before it happens is another vestage of what some expect ESP to be.. to just feel what’s to be without evidence save of experience and premonition… this is rather thee most troublesome of of aspects of esp as it is predictive but we as yet can not quantify thoughts or “personal experience” well to explain why someone other than magic saw something before it did in fact happen. I bring up a notion of dreams. my dreams of predictives behaviour “seeing something happen” often come true done to one small exception, the actual outcome is exactly different as in they’re these incidents are always solved not in the beat ’em up hero me fashion but in a supposedly more christian manner of not trying to hero through confrontationally but the exact opposite, solving in peace how can i or could I know i will be having a run in a day later with someone ? yet such is the dream and I do, therefore i can only rely on the law of universal attraction which isn’t so much a law but a fun media product of a notion – and subconciously assembled facts and behavioural predictions and happenstance seems to make such a meeting improable suddenly more likely? all i can say is such can not be a miracle until we say it as such yet others can fail to see god in play. because and i love this atheistic notion most of all – you can not prove your god to another, the only evidencde most will ever get is the supposed by the weight of our actions chance to find their own god for themselves. or not. god’s a choice. but back to dogs, pets in general know well our behaviour and they sense the depth of it and thus know we know sometimes despite our efforts to lie it up otherwise. my puppy I know he’s no longer but still young I know he’ll cut the fool before i go out… i must sense by his very obvious subconscious behaviour that he will, yet here I go saying behave and you wills and junk and no. none of that before we go straight to bad behaviour land. they and we seem to know but most would argue this isn’t ESP at all- someone physchically describing someone seen yet unseen is predictive not phycally impossible we do not ever know how people know or have how ever oddly ran into these people before thus it wouldn’t be esp again just knowing based on clues. in a smaller circle of living my dreams are easy peasy, subcounsciously I know based on everything seen to a point what’s likely coming next.. the fact that I can visualize it and then it can come startlingly true isn’t necessarily esp but understand people intuitively and living in a small small world. but what about a final epiphany, so i’m sitting in freshman highschool class and i feel the usual blue maybe my thyroid was failing then too? who knows it wasn’t measured so no evidence would exist for that.. anyways blue lonely and knowing the scene just not 25 more years of the same to come, oh I’d get the girl the prettiest perhaps now one later but never would i get a prize of a lass . I took this moment as comforting because i mattered and wouldn’t get NOTHING which was then how it felt always wishing some turd the best when I had nothing. and also i would get my shot at the fantasy dream if you will… bit of a hahaha at that point real life tends to beat fantasty everytime…even if it doesn’t initially seem so. but such was the epiphany and? I was walked up by so so so many people to pretties and to ask them out badly at that point and be turned down no not by all but thruough out all this time since that epiphany of oh i’ll win when it no longer egoically counts , I’ve always seen to someone being far more of a prize than they realized… this of course is quite irritating in that lol I usually would make someone smile and feel all alive again get turned down for the let’s ccapitolize on this and? my favorite tale of that is I asked one out and literally after turning me down her mom drug her out to dairy queen where 20 minutes later she met the boyfriend of the next 5 years while leaving him became a nurse then met her again online mind and the next day after a lil not soon but hopeful mud wrestling date was negotiated the next day meets her husband now of a decade ish. she didn’t know she was a prize at those moments but even the blind guy saw as soon everyone else did snaps fingers 😉 that’s not really esp in most people’s books though even if it is.

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