Extreme Transition

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“I want to hold the book in my hands and turn the pages one by one.”, was the thought that she said aloud as she talked to her computer. Opening up her files and downloading books was a job to which she felt a strong resistance. How could she connect to the experience of reading without her library? The smells, hushed sounds and the services they offered. Would they go away with technology? She prayed not. Her son had urged her to transition to the wealth of space for books in a computer. Reluctantly, she knew he was right.


©Carol Campbell

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Our theme this week is libraries. Here’s Charli:

March 2, 2016 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes a library. You can honor the libraries in your own experience, dream about libraries of the future or explore a community without one. Bonus points for discovering something you didn’t know your library offered. For example, my library offers organic and heirloom seeds.

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Published by: writersdream9

I have been writing all my life but for the most part, it has been a secret. My parents did not believe writing was a good way to earn money so I hid my poems. Then one day, I wanted to comment on an essay that a friend had written and found myself with a blog. That quiet whisper inside said, "You can write your poetry and no one will ever know.". I knew nothing of followers and the like at that time. So, here I am trying to learn my craft and enjoying every moment of it. My personal details are, I'm 57, married for 39 years, have one grown son who is God's gift to us and last but not least at all, I'm a Baha'i which basically means that I love all humanity.

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18 thoughts on “Extreme Transition”

  1. don’t get me wrong, i’ve read print books and as a legally blind one also have had zillions read to me both pro commercial offerings more lately with drm and changes to copyright along with specialized equipment and the old style readings from regular joes and josies. I hadn’t spent much time in libraries as an adult so was thrilled walking into one and seeing a quality array of manga for young adults at what turned out to be all of them. the library has certainly changed from old to new be it special ones or regular offerings. as to my special shots at big boy girl school libraries, oo lala, neato stuff, i joyed in full jstor articles even if i needed a dictionary to read the aabstracts….and then the class to understand a glimmer as to what thiese words meant to convey.. also i enjoy the humor of paperless jokes one being the toilet paper one… everyone is in love with going paperless till there isn’t any t.p. 😉 bahar har har. and in fairness a kindle is easier most times to read versus print with less dirty nose…. but not all. there is a a place with a comfy chair for a book.

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      1. think back to noticed all the comings and going of venaculars of their times…grooovey once didn’t exist then it was cool then it was antiquated. I still see closed circuit readers all the time – first seeing none of them til i was so slow at a first job then overseen through school-of course it was more like my 40th but you get the idea first “real” job i processed magazine subscriptions – those little cards with old fashioned checks…validating the amounts correlated measuring my daily output by the inch of checks 250 to one inch. I could match the average day’s roughly 8 i did six- i never once made a monetary mistake clearing millions of dollar or at least a million. i could see i wasn’t measuring up- i mentioned this and a closed circuit tv machine appeared i got 3 inches of work done and said impatiently there wasn’t any vision in my soul to operate that to only maybe make back my otherwise standard. now fast forward to my good line of early works in telephone customer service or tech support… my best day on what was quickly the last day when compuserve paid it’s money to last ditch compete with aol running a superbowl ad only to lose their sign in server during the busy and could have been successful last ditch against the “busy” signal of aol only to have a complete systemwide failure 😉 aol bought them out swiftly thereafter – that day though the day from heck of knowing the truth but spinning it so it didn’t reveal the complete truth and as their wasn’t anything to be done and no timeframe of predictable recovery, short calls. and a whooollllle lot of them I worked a ten hour shift and our baseline time was? 2.5 minutes a call no more than four minutes….15-24 calls per hour. i took? 79 calls not exactly dead last but sure was close 3 seats over the pro took 225. – I was three months into working there having had started in november this was about february oviously- I said day one i wanted a specific computer aid- then nonstandard of enlarging the screen. note the time and special request it had to go to a senior vp for clearance as i wisely picked something specific they couldn’t get anything BUT and only this particular place sold it so i knew when it was on order or not. no word at this time and 2 weeks after the disasterous superfail this job closed..new project…no word again til this project was closing the extra help portion of it’s extra help which is gallup poll nearing super tuesday 96. i was angled into? at&t worldnet as tech support 12 an hour in that year was kinda a big deal especial as this was a f/t job…I again fought to have this special software put into place- from behind me some voice say can you see the screen? i gave a cursory glance over and said no as i really hadn’t a LOT of expertise with what this adaptation could improve for me and promptly got swore at and nearly fired for wasting bigwig’s time not giving deference to him helping me… I literally had to make an appointment to appologize to keep my job which didn’t matter, I lost it anyways as this particular adaptation was incapatible with the project’s systems…not kidding…there was not a way to aid me. this time I’m off the job and the projects as there was a lull in training chances or i was now a labeled person being tossed off a project… next chance missed a day, off that projects nevermind my reason – miss so much as an instant of training and you retook it? nope next project and one big strike against. one more project after a pleeding session with h.r. and i got gte just after the expose on 20.20 or sixty minutes whichever about their less than kosher policy of not fighting for customer’s rights to dispute charges added to their bills…now i asked for my software again – Iknew this was my last chance and it really really wasnt one- and? a day after computer day began my software came i’m a day behind and it took literally 10 minutes to install from scratch. 10 minutes. i asked for side time to practice what time i’d lost? nope. went home and had no alarm tried to stay up all night which is murder as this was my last chance? fail. I did at least get a buspass for the rest of the year 😉 i officially quit 2 weeks later . now flash forward again to working with older people and I had no closed circuit thingie. I just made interim director and was at it? 1 day. and the new gal cameit was obvious the niceness was simple coy to her as without me she got no time off…way nice but prickly! in way weird to me ways….duh a year later I know fake or suspect it but again finally i leave there isn’t any hope I ‘m not keeping director it’ll be years if ever. the new guy come and less than a month later closed circuit tv’s where’d all this no budget money come from?? 😉 I read my stuff aloud or photocopied to size what i wished …now there’s tools?? – remember we’ve 15 years of my working life tween these stories of what’s at steak with changes and what’s even available, the fight for them to be important when as you see they really took high advocacy, seriously high advocacy and tax incentives to boot woooey! seriously unpopular stuff early on now kinda sad if you DONT have it total paradigm shift. weird. where’s the positive in this? you decide cause inbetween i was fired outright twice even from the us government for being blind, somewhere developing the attitudes with age that mark one aging as we should but in reality becoming less easy to work with as we’re not taking last minute no notice work this way or that’s we’ve lives… fighting for real tools that marginally improve things yet take senior vice president on winter leave to approve? it was 300 something dollars that was a tax writeoff to begin with legally proven with documentation to prove legality … later unfairnesses and finally crowning success of making director of a department …shhh it of one 😉 bbecause I was that good and they liked me but not that good or i might have had a chance to keep it.. translate this to change in general and it’s just plain hard maintaining a open attitude to different or changes… specifically you already now know I run very much into difficulties more with attitude my own or others fighting for a little more even feeling I’m lesser requiring federal intervention to get a dang job sometimes and it’s still not easy. and of course? slow. it’s slow as hell to get any of it learned and proficient enough to have a go at competing for actual work achieved.. I cant really utilize screen readers persay as I function poorly but wholly in a sighted world. I have zero difficulty knowing every type of radio station swiftly to know where i’m at on a dial and easily push buttons like a pro in the dark blindfolded with one hand tied behind my back or i struggle simply to be better than half as good at all. I can cook by timer and blindfolded as I’ve done that and went rock climbing- part of a blind program to instill confidances via achievements but largely one detail I’ve tested five percent overal mechanical aptitude… or no matter what i’ll always struggle with mechanical tasks…always… that’s not a negative because when i make a tomato rose.. I smile, when i make director at 40 i smile. when i get a job seemingly on merit i smile when i find a pile of historic magazines I ooo and try to share or perhaps a seriously early political speach from someone way before the turn of the century as in 20th even if the speech was later the guy was president prior to this earlier time I ooo and ahh or watching old movies I find public domain so i don’t get my company sued over misuse…ooo ahh yet try as i might I have paid dearly for what i try to offer..that can be challenging but positively it should be more of a blessing as even the littlest thing is an achievement…however i know all too well how frustrating it is to migrate every other year to a completely new computer system that often works poorly in the beginning. I am obviously by now fairly good with knowing my ways around the pc, the mac and linus systems less so but operatingly well enough to follow directions. 😉 change is tough remaining positive is tough, the wait for attitudes to be ripe for my desires or ideas? absolutely murder. but, think how much different i’d sound if I never finished war and peace because the real book i fell asleep at page 3 4 times in a row and gave up the book as hopelessly dull only to have it read aloud later like red storm rising a contemporary but early clancy book- page sixty eight never got past that 3 times in a row- but i had it read to me and what a surprise, i didn’t like either book 😉 however positive to change are having a headache and closing my eyes and using a then 8 year old door stop of a computer to play monopoly against myself and enjoy the heck out of cheating even then like a banshee…it allowed the rule of purchasing a mortgaged property for half price and the trade to other owners…cheat cheat cheat.. but i had a headache and couldn’t open my eyes… screen reader i said i can’t use them… dos age ones i could they were simple enough then… I still to this day don’t like either change or new or none of that- it takes so so long to gain proficiency and largely it’s no better just different… yes i could use a 74 button remote knowing each and every function blindfolded to that fancy surround sound amp and new to trace each wire in the 1 hour set up process it always took to utilize that much fancy… but now I almost would prefer a telephone to the fanciness of computers i like life that much simpler 😉 I’m positive…heheheh I don’t like change.

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  2. I love that picture! It’s the perfect pairing with your story. It reminds me of my mom; we bought her a kindle a few years ago and she was a little disconcerted by it for awhile. Now she’s a power user! She knows all its ins and outs. So I have hope your narrative.

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  3. My Kindle has revived my reading after I developed issues with my hands and wrists. I found balance between my beloved physical books and the possibilities to access new material digitally. Libraries are doing this, too. Your flash captures that hope!

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  4. now if they only had a picture with a dachshund, or a cairn terrier. poor dog actually looks like he/she has fallen asleep. oh, well, that’s what happens when you hit the books too hard. and we all have to get with the technology, sooner or later.

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  5. A great post!
    Pig-headed or old-fashioned, I refuse to buy a kindle or read a book on my computer. I actually collect antique books with beautiful etchings. Mind you, they’re more for looking at than reading.
    I also rwad books with my pen and scribble notes all through them. I love the physicality of books. Yet, at the same time, they’re breeding in my house like rabbits and space is an issue. I am also an avid photographer and I do try to print out some of my photos. We need a bigger house!
    xx Rowena

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