Artist~Flash Fiction

Photo by S. Writings

The little boy could not stop staring at the painted cows. They were so beautiful but he couldn’t understand why someone would paint flowers and words about peace all over the statues of cows. Tugging at his uncle’s coat, he asked, “Uncle Frans, why are those statues painted like that?”.


Frans pondered for a moment and then jumped right in with, “Well, J.R., artists all over the world share their love for beauty in many different ways.”. The child thought about this and got very quiet for the rest of their day together.


Frans had only been home for a few minutes when his sister (J.R.’s mother) called in a very agitated mood demanding to know what he had told her child. Little J.R. got home and decided to “share his love for beauty” all over their home! Painted squiggles were everywhere. How was he to know?


© Carol Campbell

147 words

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Published by: writersdream9

I have been writing all my life but for the most part, it has been a secret. My parents did not believe writing was a good way to earn money so I hid my poems. Then one day, I wanted to comment on an essay that a friend had written and found myself with a blog. That quiet whisper inside said, "You can write your poetry and no one will ever know.". I knew nothing of followers and the like at that time. So, here I am trying to learn my craft and enjoying every moment of it. My personal details are, I'm 57, married for 39 years, have one grown son who is God's gift to us and last but not least at all, I'm a Baha'i which basically means that I love all humanity.

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27 thoughts on “Artist~Flash Fiction”

  1. oddly beautiful story matching an oddly beautiful picture. let’s hope the mother calms down to listen to why the boy did what he did. THEN they can all blame uncle J.R. (just kidding)

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