Quiet Thank you dollarphotoclub.
Thank you dollarphotoclub.

Give it up and it shall be added unto you

The secret of true release and detachment

Heretofore unknown but to a very few

Necessary to spirit’s growth and development

Forget it and that day you shall surely rue

Renounce all things that are to spirit’s detriment

See all that is given by God, He is O so true

Live a free life and be true to His Covenant.

True liberty consisteth in obedience”

From The Baha’i Sacred Writings

7 thoughts on “Renunciation”

  1. Theoretically I know you are 100% right – my spirit knows the way, but I don’t always follow my own knowledge. I’m going to keep your words with me all day, follow them and “rue.” I love this post, what a lovely thing to read first thing in the morning. Thank you for sharing it! ❤

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  2. Yes that is very true and he is always true! When we give things up it’s really not anything that isn’t replaced with something better then we had before so I totally think you are sharing from your heart and I love this! 😀

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