Move On

Yinglan FFAW

The bright Spring day had just started for Fran. Walking fast and then slowing down to observe her surroundings was not the best aerobic exercise but that’s all she was capable of. Thoughts filled her head of her profound loss. Zoey was the reason she felt any love in her life lately. They were friends. It had been 6 weeks and her feelings were still raw and course knives. She knew she had to heal and continue with her plans. Friends told her that her grief was disproportionate to the loss. “She was, after all, just a dog!”, they jeered. Hah!

Off to her left, she heard a barking. She knew it was a playful bark; a happy one. Turning, she saw a dog staring at her attentively. There to the right of him was a sign that said, “Dog Free to Good Home”!


© Carol Campbell

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Published by: writersdream9

I have been writing all my life but for the most part, it has been a secret. My parents did not believe writing was a good way to earn money so I hid my poems. Then one day, I wanted to comment on an essay that a friend had written and found myself with a blog. That quiet whisper inside said, "You can write your poetry and no one will ever know.". I knew nothing of followers and the like at that time. So, here I am trying to learn my craft and enjoying every moment of it. My personal details are, I'm 57, married for 39 years, have one grown son who is God's gift to us and last but not least at all, I'm a Baha'i which basically means that I love all humanity.

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25 thoughts on “Move On”

  1. And the cycle begins again with a new dog. People who get close to their pets can develop empathic feelings to a superlative degree, given that these pets will return unconditional and sometimes even unrequited love. “Just a dog.” Yeah, right!!

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  2. This was a most excellent piece of writing dear Carol, you captured the feelings of loss and the prospects of what is to come.. As those magical moments when destiny plays its part to bring together those that are meant to bond in Love. And it matters not if they have four legs or two.. 🙂

    ( I know how deeply that grief flows when we loose our four legged friends )

    Beautiful post Carol.. Love Sue xx

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